We have 4 Tualatin locations serving ages 6 weeks to 6 years


Infant & Toddler Program

We create Infant curriculum in house to meet their unique learning needs. Babies get to color, paint, do art projects, and explore music just like the bigger kids! We find learning opportunities in all activities we do.

We use Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum for our Toddler Program. 

earning life skills is a big part of the infant/toddler day as well. For example, a six month old might be working on holding his or her own bottle and beginning to eat finger foods. Older toddlers might begin learning to use forks, and how to put on their own coats and shoes. We feel strongly that empowering children by teaching life skills will give them the confidence they need in the classroom and throughout their lives.


Preschool Program

Mother Goose Time creatively weaves together art projects, music, storytelling, math games and science experiments around a monthly theme.

Monthly themes Include:
Jungle Safari • Friends and Feelings • Sights and Sounds of Winter

While exploring these themes, children are exposed to and learn about language arts, science, math, creative development, socio-emotional, physical development.

We also base many of our preschool activities to meet the State's Common Core Standards, so the children are prepared for Kindergarten and beyond.

We use a colaborative approach when it comes to our preschool curriculum. Not only do we use a formal, professionally prepared curriculum, but we also create curriculum based on the interests of the children (emergent learning). We feel that is important for the children to be exposed to many different learning styles, so that we are able to find the best medium for each individual child.

Hours and Rates

Monday through Friday 6:30 am - 5:30 pm

Preschool House:
ages 3 years - 6 years

8:1 ratio or better for Preschool-aged children
5 Days a Week ...................  $41.00 per day / $205.00 per week
4 Days a Week ...................  $44.50 per day / $178.00 per week
3 Days a Week ...................  $49.00 per day / $147.00 per week
2 Days a Week ...................  $54.50 per day / $109.00 per week

Infant & Toddler House:
6 weeks - 3 years

We have a low 4:1 (or better) infant to teacher ratio.
5 Days a Week ...........................  $62 per day / $310 per week
4 Days a Week ...........................  $62 per day / $248 per week
3 Days a Week ...........................  $62 per day / $186 per week
2 Days a Week ...........................  $62 per day / $124 per week

Our 4 Pillars

1. Quality Care

Infant and Toddler child to teacher ratio is 4:1 or better.

Preschool child to teacher  ratio is 8:1 or better.

Separate nurseries for infants to nap.

We build meaningful relationships between our teachers and your child.

Preschoolers have daily one on one time working with teachers on lessons.

Children are read to, sang to, danced with, played with and encouraged daily!


Every child and family has very uniqe needs; we are a flexible group of teachers that are able to meet those individual needs.

Teacher Education: Our teacher’s are highly trained exceeding state requirements. 

Potty Training: We are here to support each family with potty training. Kids are not required to be potty trained to attend preschool.

Sleep: We help families create sleep schedules that work for each child and family lifestyle.


2. Nutritious Meals

All of our meals are made with all Organic and/or GMO free ingredients this is included in the cost of tuition.

We serve Earth's Best organic baby food at no extra cost.

We prepare all food in house from our seasonal menu.

Nutritious meals are so important. Healthy food not only fuels the child's body, but it also fuels their minds.

Healthy food prepare's the children's body's to learn and gives them the energy to play.

We look at meal times as an extension of our curriculum. The kids learn social skills, table manners, and about where our food comes from.

This is a time to expand independence and self-help skills. Our teachers also use this as a time to facilitate conversations between children, reinforcing language development.  


3. Education

We create our infant curriculum in house to ensure we meet the individual needs of the babies in our care.

We incorporate sensory play and art for infants.

Daily art projects for all ages.

Professionally prepared curriculum for toddlers & preschoolers: Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum.

We observe and assess learning and development to ensure children are on track.

We communicate developmental progress during our parent/teacher conferences twice a year.

We prepare the children academically and socially for Kindergarten. They know how to work in groups, solve problems, and communicate their feelings.


4. Communication

Bright Wheel: is an app that electronically records diapers, bottles, meals, menu, and disposition. We also enter the curriculum that your child is learning for the day, as well as a personalized comment each day.

Monthly Newsletters & Emails: We send emails often with any important information related to your child. Our school newsletter gives an overview of the curriculum and communicates any school updates.

Parent-Teacher Conferences twice per year: We talk about your child's progress, milestone's they've hit, celebrate successes, and set goals for the child.

Directors and Executive Directors are always available via text or phone: We send parents pictures and updates daily during the child's first few weeks of care.